5 Ingenious Ways to Improve Your English Proficiency

More and more individuals in non-English speaking countries are taking up English lessons to enhance their English proficiency. Learning how to speak and write in English is very important nowadays with English being the primary language of communication as well as in business and technology.

An individual’s knowledge of the English language is crucial in big businesses. With 20% of the world’s population speaking in English, a company aiming to gain access to this vast market should have bilingual customer service with English as the second mode of communication. In technology, the internet primarily uses English.

Indeed, to be more competitive, a non-English speaking individual should enhance his English skills. It is helpful to enroll in English classes, whether it is an online tutorial or in a physical school.

The following are practical ways on how to enhance your English proficiency and which you can do while you are enrolled in an English tutorial class.

Look for English CD Tutorial Lessons

This can be very useful because you are learning on your own and at your most convenient time. There are a lot of CDs on English lessons, and they can come with different topics. Try to hone your listening skills by buying instructional and story-telling materials. It can also improve your speaking as there are CDs that help you with your pronunciation.

Go to Libraries with English Books

Without a library that has English books, you can pick up any reading material which is written in English. It is better that you read it orally so you will improve not only your reading comprehension but also your pronunciation and diction. Always consult the dictionary for words that you do not understand.

To hone your writing skills, try writing your personal idea on what you read, or you can write a summary or a reaction.

Converse in English

Using English in your daily conversations will give you more confidence about your English. Even if your family or friends do not understand you, speak to them in English and translate it to them afterward. You can also greet your loved ones with cards on special events using English.

If you have friends who are interested to learn English, you can offer them free tutorials. This will not only help you in your speaking skills but will also give you confidence.

Record Some of Your Oral Practices

By recording some of your oral speaking practices, you can hear yourself, and you can judge whether your pronunciation and diction are commendable. Try bringing the recording to someone proficient and listen to his recommendations.

Surf the Internet

The internet has become a major source of information. Search for whatever interest you. You may not be aware, but you are not only making yourself a more informed individual, but also you are making advances in your desire to improve your English.

Indeed, your command on the English language can bring you places, and you should be skilled in the following dimensions; speaking, reading, writing, and listening. With all of these, you are destined for more beautiful days ahead.…

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