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How to Choose Golf Drivers for Mid-Handicappers

Mid-handicap golf players are in the business of perfecting golfing skills. To achieve this goal, they must use the right golf equipment. If you’re using a driver that exceeds five years in service, you’re in essences giving up accuracy, distance, and forgiveness to your opponents. This article gives you some tips on how you can choose the top rated drivers as a mid-handicap golfer.

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Head Shape

In the market, you’ll find both roundhead and square drivers. When shopping for drivers, you’ll have to decide to pick one of the two. Experts recommend that golfers should choose drivers that they are comfortable to use when swinging. Those new to the game should first experiment on round drivers before they use square drivers. These round drivers will improve your swing speed. In addition, note your swing speed results in an increase in your ball speed. Additionally, you’ll cover more distance when using these drivers. Experienced golfers can comfortably use square drivers.

Golf Shaft

Shafts are available in different weights, lengths, bend curves, and flexes. These features assist the golfer to match the ball flight and swing to various options. If you are fast in swings, you need a heavy and stiffer flex. On the other hand, if you’re slow in swinging, softer and lighter shafts are ideal. If you pick the right shaft, you’re sure of an incredible golfing experience. The correct shaft will assist in bringing consistency while striking the ball and also improve your feel and feedback. Thus when selecting your driver, don’t neglect the shaft since it’s essential not only for matching your flex but also for improving your swing speed.

golf playerHead Size

In the market, you’ll find club head sizes ranging from 440 center meters (ccs) to 460 kicks. These differences in sizes affect the launch, ball speed, spin, and forgiveness. Each golfer should learn how to match the driver head size to their swing in order to balance speed and forgiveness. Thus take your time when choosing the best driver for an incredible golfing experience.


Besides specialty putters, drivers are among the most costly golf clubs in the market. If you want to purchase a driver, you should check if you have a better alternative depending on your budget. If your budget is constrained, you can opt for second-hand but quality drivers. On the same token, you shouldn’t be wary of acquiring a high-quality driver that will improve your game; it’s a worthy investment.…

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