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Google Ads 101: Automation Features

There is no doubt that online advertising has become one of the most effective ways of making your business known to different groups of people. If you’re a business owner, you might be familiar with Google Ads that can be a great way to bring you a significant amount of return on investment. However, to those who are not familiar with these tools, it can be quite challenging to understand, and it may even consume your time. Fortunately, some Google Ad automated features can save you lots of time and effort while earning a lot from your business.

1. Familiarize Yourself With Google Ads Scriptures

Utilizing google scripts can be quite complicated for some because of its need for “coding.” But using this key feature can garner you the knowledge to activate automated ads that can benefit your business. Google has a library where you can copy the scripts to be used instead of learning all fo them.


2. Automated Bidding Strategy

Currently, you can choose from the ten automated bidding strategies present, depending on your goal. Although automated bidding does all the work, business owners need to make necessary adjustments manually to achieve optimum results.

One example of automated bidding is the ECPC or Enhanced Cost Per Click. You’re giving Google the power to utilize smart bidding technology, which adjusts your cost per click based on the chances of converting the sale. Google also takes into consideration the demographics which are parallel to your target. It will increase the bidding if a user has a high chance of converting a sale when they’re on your landing page already.

3. Automated Rules

Basically, you can set up your Google Ads on autopilot by changing the rules on the Google Ads dashboard. If your rivals bids high, you can set it up to drop your bids and vice versa. You can also “pause” campaigns if the cost per acquisition is high.


4. Universal Mobile App Campaign

If you have a mobile app for your business, it’s advisable to use universal app campaigns. This can boost your audience reach across Google search without exerting much effort. Once it is set, it automatically displays the ads based on the CPI targets.

5. Set up Automatic Delivery to Your Email

When using this system, you always have to be updated on what’s happening in order to make necessary adjustments on biddings and costs. Even if you’re confident that you set it on autopilot, you have to check every now and then because your money is at stake. In the rules section, you can set up campaign emails to be delivered straight to your inbox for easier monitoring.

Once everything is set, you may have more time focusing on other areas of your business and have hassle-free advertising.…

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